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Nursery plants Cappellini Rossano topiary trees italy After many years of work we have publiced on-line a series of images concernig our nurseries and our coltivations.

Our firm has been operating in this field for 50 years. For our production we have 20 hectares (about 50.000 acres) of traditional nurseries and 5 hectares (about 12.500 acres) of coltivation in pots, with structures for the riproduction and protection during the winter for plants which are sensitive to frost.

Our firm has been dedicating itself for many years to rose culture. During this period we have chosen a large choice of varieties which have proved excellent both for aesthetic and fitosanitary reasons. While thanking you for your kid attention we wish to offer you our hospitality: our nurseries are well worth a visit and we hope to have you as guests in the near future.

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